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MINNIE THE MINX (whose real name is Hermione Makepeace) was created and drawn by Leo Baxendale and first appeared in The Beano in December of 1953.  The typical Tom-Boy, Minnie prefers mischievous and violent antics over those that are normal for a typical ten-year-old girl.  Minnie aims her impish style of troublemaking at snobs and spoiled children.  She is a hyperactive rebel who hates being told what to do.  She is the third longest running Beano character behind only Dennis the Menace and Roger the Dodger.

Today, you are challenged to draw MINNIE THE MINX for about a half hour!

The deadline for this challenge is Wed. May 24, 2017!

Reference images for MINNIE THE MINX can be found via the links provided below……

Created by Belgian writer Roger Leloup and debuting in 1970, YOKO TSUNO is the story of a female electrical engineer of Japanese origin who lives in Belgium.  She is quite compassionate and is good at making friends.  Yoko is a skilled scuba diver, a black belt in aikido and an accomplished pilot.  Yoko’s friends, Vic Video, is a voice of reason in the moderating Yoko’s impulsiveness. Pol Pitron is the comic relief of the trio.

Today, you are challenged to draw YOKO TSUNO for about a half hour!

The deadline for this challenge is Tuesday, May 23, 2017!

Reference images for YOKO TSUNO can be found via the links provided below…………
Another one gone too soon...

Born Christopher John Boyle on July 20, 1964, American musician, singer/songwriter CHRIS CORNELL was the lead vocalist of SOUNDGARDEN and AUDIOSLAVE.  He was also the frontman and founder of TEMPLE OF THE DOG, a tribute band dedicated to his late friend Andrew Wood.  Known as a key architect of the “grunge” movement, a prolofic songwriter and a powerful vocal range, he also released four solo studio albums.  Voted “Rock’s Greatest Singer” by readers of GUITAR WORLD and raked 4th in the list of “Heavy Metal’s All-Time Top 100 Vocalists” by Hit Parader, 9th in Rolling Stones list of “Best Singers of All Time”.

This weekend, you are challenged to draw CHRIS CORNELL from one of the photos provided below for about an hour or so.

The deadline for this challenge is Monday, May 22, 2017!

Reference images provided below…………
Born Wednesday, December 6, 1916, Daniel Garret was the son of a New York policeman who raised the boy by himself from age 4.  The boy wanted to be a policeman like his father, but the man urged his son to go to college first.  Michael saved money and Dan got a scholarship and went to State University where he was a stand-out boxer, football and hockey player.  During his senior year, his father was killed—shot by Chick Alonzo.  Dan later became a cop and the BLUE BEETLE in order to hunt down his father’s killer.  Created by Charles Nicholas Wojtowski in 1939 for Fox Feature Syndicate’s MYSTERY MEN COMICS #1, Dan Garret is the original BLUE BEETLE.  In 1955 Charlton bought the character and he underwent many changes (including adding an additional “t” to his name).  The Blue Beetle originally had now superpowers.  He wore chainmail armor.  He eventually worked with Dr. Franz, who supplied him with vitamin 2X, which gave Dan super strength, dexterity and invulnerability.  He also gained super healing ability and endless energy.

Today, you are challenged to draw DAN GARRET, THE ORIGINAL BLUE BEETLE for a half hour or so!

The deadline for today’s challenge is Saturday, May 20, 2017!

Reference images for today’s challenge can be found via the links provided below……………
Created by Joe Gill and Frank McLaughlin for Charlton Comics’ SPECIAL WAR SERIES #4, JUDOMASTER is Hadley “Rip” Jagger a World War II hero whose company was wiped out on a tiny island in the Pacific.  There he learned the physical and spiritual ways of Judo and other martial arts from the leader, Sensei.  Eventually, he mastered Judo and helped the guerrilla forces rid the island of the Japanese.  Jagger returned to a nearby Army base where he was assigned a new company.  He would use the Judomaster persona on covert missions as a one-man task force throughout the Pacific.

Today, you are challenged to draw JUDOMASTER for about a half hour!

The deadline for this challenge is Friday, May 19, 2017!

Reference images for JUDOMASTER can be found via the links provided below…………

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