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2017-2018 Daily Sketches
Daily Sketches Zorn by fedde
son of zorn by desertdogg2006
Darth Vader by IanJMiller
Conan by IanJMiller
Lego Batman by zookeeper02
Old Man Logan by zookeeper02
Maika Halfwolf by zookeeper02
Daily Sketches Jimini Ghost of Christmas Past by fedde
Weekend Sketches
Daily Sketches Ink Barry Windsor-Smiths Axus by fedde
Green Lantern inking challenge by NavajoBirdsong
Hulk Transform by Biram-Ba
Daily Sketches Ink Alan Davis' Fantastic Four by fedde
DSC - Superman Sketch by LaceGyver
Wolverine inking challenge for WSC by RJN16
DSC - Shang-Chi by RichDoes
DSC - Karnak by RichDoes
DSC Rey of Jakku by DarkKnightJRK
Inking Jack Kirby's Nick Fury by IanJMiller
DSC Lady Thor by DarkKnightJRK
Navis by Vimes-DA
DSC Archives 2012-16
DSC- Angel by illust888
Mr. Freeze by Code-E
DSC20170104: The Blizzard by Dragonfly177
DSC20170103: Mr. Freeze by Dragonfly177
DSC Archives 2 2011-2012
Sterling Archer 14.3.12 by Super-Josh
Sterling Archer DSC by rockie-squirrel
DSC 120312 - Mugen by Cyberborg
Archer by showe
DSC Archives 2009-11
DSC 6.5.12 - Elephantmen by A-Rob
DSC 6.4.12 - Superman by A-Rob
DSC 6.1.12 - Lynda Carter WW by A-Rob

Mature Content

DSC 5.31.12 - Jaws by A-Rob
Finished sketches
Dsc 63 - Falcon - final by Biram-Ba
Marceline (Adventure Time) (DSC 12/1/2016) by StarKevin20022002


ANYONE is welcome to join the DAILY SKETCH CHALLENGE! Check the group's Journal every day for a new subject to draw and post your drawing of that subject each day!

You dedicate about 30 min to a sketch on a day's subject. You cant just submit any old sketch and it's best not to submit finished work (although it probably won't be rejected). The idea of the Group is to promote warm-up sketching to free your limbs and prepare you for better work right after or even to create roughs for future use as finished pieces.
ZORN is a barbarian warrior and defender of the island of Zephyria in the FOX sitcom SON OF ZORN.  He leaves his world for the world of Orange County, California where he has decided to relocate in order to reconnect with his ex-wife, Edie, and son, Alan.  There, he attempts to give up his barbarian ways and gets a job in phone sales at Sanitation Solutions.

Today you are challenged to draw ZORN for about a half hour!

The deadline for this challenge is Tuesday, January 24, 2017!

Reference images for ZORN can be found via the links below…………
The FREEBOOTERS chronicles the exploits of Axus the Great, all-but retired from his career as the most celebrated warrior of an exotic, ancient world. Having survived a life of perils beyond imagining, Axus, past his prime and living large (and larger) off his considerable renown, now spends his days, by turns merry and melancholy, as proprietor of his inn and tavern, The Ram & the Peacock, regaling his patrons with tales of his glory days.

The transition from word-beater to innkeeper and celebrity is not an easy one for our hero, whose exploits have been scaled back to occasional forays with his band of brigands to harass the local Kaliph, all in search of the thrills of adventures past. Into this whimsical tableaux of barmaids, brawlers and tourists that populate the Peacock and it1s host city, the opulent, infamous Shahariza, rides the young seer-in-training Aran Ana-Kashan. He bears news that his hero Axus' arch foe of old, the unspeakably terrible Ammon-Gra, is on the verge of being resurrected, threatening the very existence of all that is known. Reluctantly, the aging Axus, in the company of the stalwart remnants of his fabled Red Brigade, along with the young naif, Aran, finds himself drawn once again into the maelstrom of the ultimate adventure - saving the world!

Today you are challenged to ink the image linked to featuring pencil roughs by the great Barry Windsor-Smith of his character AXUS in his prime!

The deadline for this challenge is Monday, January 23, 2017!

The sole image you are to INK can be found via the link below--good luck and enjoy the challenge...…
After DAWNSTAR’s people were abducted from Earth and genetically engineered their trigger genes to grow wings out of their backs by an unknown alien race in the 13th century, they colonized the world known as Starhaven.  Dawnstar is a long distance tracker and guide who can survive long periods of time in deep space without a spacesuit or atmosphere who can fly at faster-than-light-speed.  She became a full member of the Legion of Super-Heroes on her first mission.

Today you are challenged to draw DAWNSTAR for about a half hour!

The deadline for this challenge is Saturday, January 21, 2017!

Reference images of DAWNSTAR can be found via the links below…………
Created by writer/artist Bill Willingham for the comic book series ELEMENTALS, Jeff Murphy is VORTEX, a dead Coast Guard pilot who was reanimated with eternal youth and the ability to heal from any wound by the Air Element with the ability to control air in all it’s forms from being able to fly to the ability to create powerful winds and vacuums.

Today you are challenged to draw VORTEX for about a half hour!

The deadline for this challenge is Friday, January 20th, 2017!

Reference images for VORTEX (He’s the flyer in blue) can be found via the links below………………
WARREN WORTHINGTON III is a mutant and an original member of the X-MEN!  Warren’s mutation kicked in during his teenage years when he began to grow wings.  Warren would hide his new appendages under his clothes using a special harness.  During one day at school, he was forced to jump out of a burning building and hoped his wings could slow his fall.  He, it turned out, was able to fly with them—in fact, he saved several other boys using them.  This inspired Warren to fight crime as the Avenging Angel.  This is when Professor Xavier discovered the young mutant and taught him how to best use his abilities as one of his first class of X-MEN!  Over the years, The Angel has fought crime with other teams such as The Champions, The Defenders, X-Factor and X-Force.

Today you are challenged to draw ANGEL in any of his various outfits or incarnations (Archangel, etc.) for about a half hour!

The deadline for this challenge is Thursday, January 19, 2017!

References for The Angel can be found via the links below……………
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No challenge today? I feel lost without it now XD
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I'm just the current moderator, not my idea, but thanks!  Just late getting the challenge posted this time. :)
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If so would they be permittable to the group?

If not thats cool, I just want to try everything is all.
theEyZmaster Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2016  Professional General Artist
Like picking older subjects? You could submit those in the various galleries in the group...
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Have fun just following the daily subjects over a month, you might not even need older topics anyways!
slayingallhumans Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thats a good point you made there. Ok cool thanks so much :D
Ragnaroker Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2016  Professional General Artist
It would be confusing for moderators, but if you choose to do it, please note the original date of the particular DSC you're drawing in your post.  Otherwise, I'm afraid we might accidentally delete it.

So, in the title, name the character and put something like "DSC of 10/12/2012" or so.

slayingallhumans Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah I can imagine that's why I asked XD 
I would mainly be wanting them in the group ya know for critique purposes and for tips on how to improve and such. Adding the date to it won't be that much a problem. I won't add the date to the recent ones (like yesterdays or this new weekend one) as they are up to date with the group goings on. 

:D Thanks for the quick reply.
Ragnaroker Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2016  Professional General Artist
No problem.
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